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Services offered

We clean every room from top to bottom.  Listed below is a general description of the cleaning services performed.  Each home will have a personalized cleaning check list to fit the needs of the individual household.  

Every room is thoroughly dusted including:

  • Ledges/window sills
  • Ceiling fans/light fixtures
  • Baseboards (visible)
  • Light switch covers/doorknobs
  • Fronts of furniture/table tops
  • Decorative items
  • Picture frames


  • Wipe down cupboards
  • Clean appliance fronts
  • Clean/sanitize microwave (inside and out)
  • Clean/sanitize counter-tops & sink
  • Wipe down tables
  • Clean/sanitize floor


  • Clean/sanitize sink & counter
  • Clean/sanitize toilet
  • Clean/sanitize shower/tub
  • Clean/sanitize floor
  • Clean mirrors
  • Wipe cupboards

Each home is thoroughly vaccuumed and/or damp mopped throughout house including stairs.
 Trash is removed from home.  If new towels are desired – just leave them out and we will hang them.  Basic straightening of items upon owner’s request.  

*Note:  Laundry, dishwashing, and carpet cleaning are not currently offered.

Extras (to be negotiated individually):

  • Clean inside of fridge/freezer
  • Clean tops and inside of cupboards
  • Clean inside oven
  • Clean interior windows
  • Other special cleaning requests
  • Organizing small spaces
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