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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

Every home is different and unique.  Every price will be suited to fit the needs of your household.  I can come to your home to walk around and talk to you about your household’s cleaning needs.  I will then make you a personalized cleaning plan along with my quote.  This is free – just call or email me to make an appointment!

Do you bring everything needed?

Yes!  I have everything needed to bring your home to the highest level of clean.  I use microfiber towels (color coded so a rag used on the toilet will never be in your kitchen), my own cleaning mixtures, Seventh Generation Products, a HEPA filtered Dyson vacuum, and other items needed.  If you do prefer to use a specific cleaner (bleach in the toilet bowel for example) I just ask that you provide the cleaner and the rag used to clean the desired area.

What products do you use to clean?

I use a mixture of while distilled vinegar, water, and essential oils for my multi-cleaner.  Right now the essential oil fragrances to choose from are lemon (cheerful and uplifting– think main living areas), peppermint (revitalizing and invigorating – think kitchen), and eucalyptus (clarifying and relaxing – think bathroom).  Other scents to come soon!
Additionally I used fresh lemon, baking soda, olive oil, and corn starch as needed to remove different stains.  I also rely on many products made by Seventh Generation (

Will there be different people cleaning my home?

I am the owner/operator of Comfortably Clean.  Every home will be inspected, cleaned, and double checked by me every time.  I guarantee satisfaction and will follow up after every visit.

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